Halloween Teen Party Ideas

Halloween Teen Party Ideas

Halloween Teen Party Ideas! There comes a time when your cute little kids grow out of trick or treating. When that happens you have to start getting creative. As a mom, you find fun and safe Halloween teen party ideas that won’t break the bank! I started to do some research about finding ideas for my girls and I thought I would share them with you!!





In the past, our Halloween traditions in the past were is make our famous Steak chili, homemade root beer, caramel apples, and enjoy watching black and white scary movies that make you laugh.





Here’s a list of some fun ideas that hopefully will make your life a little easier!




I love theme parties because it makes party planning so much easier! for instance, if you go with skulls, you can find skull decorations as well as skull food ideas. Here are a few ideas!



Retro Horror Movie Posters



Horror Movie Ideas:

  • Watch a scary movie
  • Horror movie treasure hunt
  • Scary movie bingo
  • Murder mystery dinner
  • Make a silent movie



Boobing-apples - Dairy Diary

Outdoor Halloween Party Games



  • Eyeball spoon race- use plastic eyeballs and spoons and it’s just your normal egg-spoon race.
  • Ghost in the dark game
  • Ghost relay race- Each team must race the ghosts (white balloons) to and from the finish line by keeping them up in the air.
  • Obstacle course- Set up a course using Halloween decorations and then give your guests a broom to ride through the course.
  • Bob for apples
  • Graveyard crawl- Purchase some tombstones, set them up, and have your little monsters crawl through the graveyard. Have a few surprises!
  • Worm pie- Place gummy worms at the bottom of a pie dish and cover with whip cream. Players need to find worms using only their faces!



Walking Dead Adds Extra Episodes For 2021, No Season 11 This Fall – Comic-Con@Home – Deadline


Walking Dead

  • Guess the body part- Have several boxes on a table. Put a series of a bowl filled with nasty feeling food that feels like body parts.
  • Costume contest- Have categories for the scariest, goriest, best survivor, etc.
  • Pin the limb on the body
  • Zombie tag-  Whoever is “it” tries to tag someone else, and if they’re tagged, they become a zombie. The world will be taken over by zombies.


30 Gross and Ghoulish Halloween Food Ideas – Tip Junkie


So Gross Party Ideas

  • Spaghetti toes- Fill a bucket full of cooked spaghetti and mix in plastic bugs. Players will remove their shoes and socks. Give them a minute to see how many bugs they can pull from the bucket with their toes.
  • Chewed gum-  Give each a team ten minutes and a pack of gum each and see what they can create out of the chewed gum! I know, gross, but they will love it!
  • Spitball – Make targets out of balloons and using a straw and paper spitballs, see how many stick to the balloons.
  • Pin the booger in the nose- Print out a big nose, and make paper boogers and see how close the player can get the booger to the nose hole. Make sure to blindfold them.









10 halloween minute to win it games



halloween scavenger hunt 7





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