Easy Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Party Favors! Halloween is right around the corner and I’m getting pretty excited!  Being the mom of 6 kids, I have had the opportunity to be a room mother for each of their classes. I have loved it because I love being involved. 

The only problem 1s when you need to come up with a treat idea for each holiday. Here are two cute ideas that you can throw together easily and you won’t have to worry about any of the kids’ allergies in the class.


Halloween Party Favors



Halloween Party Favors

This is such a cute idea. Each child can have their own pinata!


Mummy Pinata Supplies:

toilet paper roll or wrapping paper roll cut into sections

Crepe paper

hot glue

party favor toys


sticker or card

googly eyes


Cover one end of the roll with a piece of crepe paper.



Fill the roll with the party favor toys and then cover the other end with a piece of crepe paper.



Take a piece of ribbon and string it through the crepe paper carefully not to rip the paper. Attach a sticker or a card that you have made that says ” pull here” to the ribbon. Making a loop for the kids to pull to open the pinata.



Attach your googly eyes to the toilet paper roll. Now take the crepe paper, cover the toilet paper roll like a mummy, and attach the crepe paper with the glue.



Glow sticks are so much fun at Halloween and they can help keep your kiddos safe! That’s what makes the next project so amazing!


Witches Broom Supplies:

glow stick 


brown paper lunch sacks

double-sided tape



Cut a piece of a paper sack. It doesn’t need to be exact. Any dimensions that will be a good proportion with your handle of the broom will work. You can use a bracelet or necklace glow stick.

Draw a light line to use as a guide for your cut marks.

I’m a huge fan of using Exacto knives and rulers to cut things. I find it so much easier and quicker! But no worries if you don’t have one handy – scissors will work too.

Cut out thin strips of paper up to your pencil line to give it the broom effect. Each one was about 1/4″ wide. I felt like I was making little hula skirts. It took a while, but it was worth it.

Since the glow sticks are the necklace ones, they come with the little plastic things that go on the ends to keep them together. Go ahead, and secure them to one end. The little plastic pieces will help to make sure the paper can’t slide off the stick.

Be careful though – These thin little glow sticks snap really easily.

Add a long strip of double-sided tape to the edge of the paper. Position the glow stick to the plastic clip thing is just below the tape. Start rolling the paper around the glow stick. The double-sided tape will hold it all together as you go.

The rolled-up paper ended up giving rounded looking brooms and the flat paper gave stick straight brooms. If you’re making these for yourself, and you want them all to be the same, make sure all your pieces of the paper curve the same way.

Finish it off with ribbon and there you go, you have a witches broom!










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