The BEST Homemade Root Beer Ever

The BEST Homemade Root Beer Ever


 The BEST Homemade Root Beer Ever

One of our traditions for Halloween night is to make homemade root beer. Nothing beats homemade!! Andie’s friend, Jacee, told us that she can tell the difference between our root beer and other homemade root beer.

We decided to make it early because we had our whole family home over conference weekend. This is so easy to make but its a show stopper!



The BEST Homemade Root Beer Ever Ingredients:

1 bottle of Root Beer Extract (4ounce)
4 pound of sugar
3 gallons of water
5 to 7 pounds of dry ice

  • Combine everything in a large container. Wait about an hour to serve.

That’s it!!!! Your family will LOVE this!



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