Kid’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt

halloween scavenger hunt 7
We love Halloween!!! I think sometimes that it might beat out Christmas at our house. I have several bins filled with old Halloween costumes and dance recital outfits. After the kids wear their costume for trick or treating, it becomes fair game for anyone that wants to play make believe.
After the house is decorated with all the ghoulish delight, and the perfect costume is chosen, it’s time to party! It’s great to have parties at your house, so you can get to know your kids friends and you keep your sweeties safe. Here’s a fun little game that would be great for all ages!
Gather the kids together and give them the first clue and let the fun begin!
Clue 1:
halloween scavenger hunt 1
Clue 2: Hide this one under the pumpkin
halloween scavenger hunt 2
Clue 3: Tape this one to a plastic bat
halloween scavenger hunt 3
Clue 4: Hide this one in a bowl of plastic vampire teeth
halloween scavenger hunt 4
Clue 5: Hide this one in a bag of candy corn
halloween scavenger hunt 5
Clue 6: Hide this one in fake spider webs
halloween scavenger hunt 6
In a witches’ hat, will be where they will find the treasure. You can fill it with Dollar Store toys , healthy treats or good old candy!
Happy Halloween!!!

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