Fun 10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games

10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games


10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games! Halloween is near and dear to my heart! I guess I have never grown up. If your house is going to be taken over by kids or if you are in charge of the ward party, here are some fun games that will keep them busy and laughing the whole time!


10 halloween minute to win it games


1. Mummy Pyramid

solo cup


Give them a stack of Solo cups and see how high they can stack them without falling over in a minute.


2. Full of Hot Air



Place a line of plastic cups on a flat surface. Using the air from 1 balloon, blow the cups onto the ground in 1 minute. You must stay on the other side of the table.


3. Separation Anxiety



The player must separate the different colors of M&Ms into containers in set color order.


4. Pantyhose Knock Down

  • Set up cups in 2 rows, each row a few inches apart.
  • Place a tennis ball into the leg of the pantyhose, and pull the waist of the pantyhose over the head.
  • When you say “go”, players begin swinging the ball.
  • The player may not use any other part of the body to move the tennis ball.
  • The object is to knock over all the cups!


5. Toilet Paper Mummy




You have 2 players for each team. When the clock starts, player 1 begins to spin the toilet paper around the other player. If the paper breaks, they must start again. The winner will be the team that uses the most toilet paper.


6. Skeleton Bones



Place a dry spaghetti noodle in your mouth, and lay penne pasta on the table. Without using your hands, pick up as many as you can of the penne pasta on the spaghetti noodle.


7. Pixie Chopsticks


Using the “pixie” chopsticks, move all twelve tootsie rolls into a bucket.


8. Spider Ring Toss




  • Two players for each team.
  • Give player 1 an empty bowl. Player 2 has a bag of spider rings.
  • Place one teammate across from the other teammate.
  • Make sure to have a line that each player can’t cross and must stay behind through the whole game.
  • The player with the spiders will throw them trying to get them into the bowl of the teammate.


9. Candy Corn Stack Up



Bite off the end of the candy corn and stick it to a paper plate. The player that has the most candy corn standing, wins!


10. Vampire Kiss




Put your cute vampire teeth in your mouth. Transfer marshmallows from one plate to another. The one with the most marshmallows wins!

10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games

10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games





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10 halloween minute to win it games



16 thoughts on “Fun 10 Halloween Minute to Win it Games”

  1. What fun ideas for Halloween games!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. Kim, these look so much fun! I like the Pixie Stick chopsticks game the best.
    I hope to see you again starting Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET at the Retro Re-pin Party.

  3. I LOVE minute to win it games! I've not seen a Halloween version- great idea! The balloon one looks like so much fun! 🙂 I found you through Antiprocrastination Tuesdays- glad I did! 🙂

  4. I am having an adults only Halloween Costume Party and have been racking my brain for party ideas. Thank you so much! You nailed it!

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