3 Crazy Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Ideas! Get out your hairspray, bobby pins, and hair paint! It’s time for crazy hair day!



Crazy Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Ideas

My daughter, Jessica, has become the master of crazy hair ideas! If your kids are like my grandkids, they want to be the one with the best hair! Anything is possible with enough hairspray and pins. I’m so excited to share with you, Jessica’s masterpieces for this year’s crazy hair day!

Max is up first! You always think that crazy hair is limited for boys, but that’s just not true! This is Max’s interpretation of a Kraken (big octopus) grabbing a boat full of soldiers out on the ocean!   


Get out your hair paint to start, make a boat, and connect it to the hair with bobby pins. Oh, don’t forget the army men! Hot glue those dudes in the boat!








Gracie Kay is next! Simply weave the hair around the cobweb to hold it in place. You can attach the spiders to the cobweb or hot glue them to bobby pins and place them around the hair.







Sophie just couldn’t wait for this day! What little girl doesn’t love rainbows? Simply make several braids. Paint each individual braid with hair paint.


Make sure to put something under the braid so the color doesn’t show on a different part of the hair. Loop the braid over the crown of your child’s head and bobby pin it. Cover with cotton clouds. 









I would love for you to show us what you have done! Please share it with us! Need more ideas??? Check out Unicorn and Spooky Hair, Crazy dinosaur hair, Star Wars & Mermaid hair, Lightning Mcqueen hair, Stikbots hair, Dragon hair!



Crazy Hair Ideas

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