Stikbots Crazy Hair Day

Stikbots Crazy Hair Day

Need a crazy hair day idea for boys? You’ve come to the right place! We love crazy hair day around here! This year we did Stikbots Crazy Hair Day for my son and he loved it!



Stikbots Crazy Hair Day


Stikbots Crazy Hair Day

In case you don’t know what Stikbots are, they are these cute little stick figures that come with a green screen and an app to make stop-motion movies. Most of the little dudes I know think they’re pretty awesome!


I do too because it gets my son thinking creatively and doing something other than video games. Amber used them for her film camp this summer. 






Max came up with this idea on his own. He wanted his hair to look like a cliff. One Stikbot is comforting the other as they sit atop the steep cliff and worry about falling off… Total 5th grader humor. 

The night before crazy hair day I always get all of my supplies ready. Hair gel, hairspray, colored hair spray, bobby pins, and any other supplies I’ll need.


I hot glued some rocks onto bobby pins by slipping a small piece of card stock in the middle of the bobby pin, so that the rock would have more surface area to stick to. Let it dry overnight so you don’t burn your little one! 

My little guy didn’t want to hot glue the Stikbots to bobby pins, so we just slipped the bobby pins in between their joints so we wouldn’t ruin them, and then we used a ton more bobby pins to secure them to his head. 

I started by using a stiff gel to spike his hair like crazy. A LOT of gel. Let it dry, then color it with colored hair spray. 

Next add your Stikbots, rocks, and sign to the hair. It would have been easier if his hair was longer, but it still stayed in all day. 




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