Crazy Dinosaur Hair Day

Crazy dinosaur hair day idea

Crazy Dinosaur Hair Day

More crazy hair day ideas! Today we’re featuring a Crazy Dinosaur Hair Day Idea, chosen by my awesome 5-year-old girl!



crazy dinosaur hair day


Crazy Dinosaur Hair Day

All this week I’ve been showing you the crazy hair day ideas my kids had this year! It’s one of my favorite things to do as a parent. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it only happens once a year and the excitement on the kid’s faces makes it worth the extra hour of sleep I lose that morning. 

Choosing the perfect crazy hair day idea is super fun! There are a ton of ideas on the internet that you can replicate, but if you want to create an original style, like my kids always do, just sit down with your kids and talk to them about what they want!


Then search for pictures for inspiration. Come up with a plan and then practice if you need to! Or just wake up extra early on crazy hair day! 

Get your kids dressed before you start the transformation because it’s going to be hard to get shirts over their heads without ruining their style! Just use a towel over their shoulders to protect their clothes from the colored hair spray! 

Essentials for this Crazy Dinosaur hair day idea include hair spray, colored hair spray, heavy-duty gel, bobby pins, card stock paper, and any other extras you need!


crazy hair day ideas, dinosaur hair


I rolled and stapled cones out of card stock paper and cut the bottom to match the curve in her head.


Then I wrapped gel-soaked hair around the card stock cones, using the hole in the top of the cones and the bottom of the cones to secure a ton of bobby pins. Then I sprayed it like crazy with colored hair spray. 

The hearts on the sides were made by cutting out a heart on a card stock square and then I used it as a stencil with the colored hair spray. Don’t overspray or it will bleed and ruin your stencil!

For some reason, she wanted a button in her hair, so I hot glued it to a bobby pin and slid it in…It’s a crazy hair day, so whatever they want!



Crazy dinosaur hair day idea



I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing! 

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