Crazy Hair Day Idea, Dragon Hair for Girls

Crazy Hair Day Idea, Dragon Hair for Girls

Crazy hair day idea, Dragon hair for girls! Your little dragon lover will go crazy for this fun and crazy hair day idea!






I mentioned yesterday in my Stikbot Crazy Hair Day Idea post, that we love crazy hair day around here. I think I get more excited about it than the kids do! I’m sure it started when I was little.


I remember my mom threading a wire through my hair to make my braids stand up like Pippi Longstockings. It was awesome then and it would still be awesome today. 

Every year I let my kids decide what kind of crazy hair they are going to want, and this year my 2nd grader chose dragon hair! This is the dragon she wanted to model it after…





Purple, blue, sparkly, cute, and magical with horns… Perfect! We started on her crazy hair with cardstock. Card stock paper is my best friend.

That and gel, colored hair spray, bobby pins, strong elastics, and hot glue! The night before Crazy hair day, I hot-glued some gemstones to bobby pins and rolled some horns up out of card stock and hot glue. 




The morning of, I separated the front of her hair into two sections, covered it in heavy-duty gel, and wrapped it around the card stock cones. I secured the hair with bobby pins on the top and the bottom and kept wrapping gel-soaked hair around them until they were secure. 


img_3837-2 img_3838




After the ‘horns’ were complete I used 5 elastics, not plastic, to section her hair into 5 ponytails down the center of her head. Don’t use plastic if you’re using colored hair spray.


For some reason, the elastics always snap, even if you try to shield them… Trust me!






Then I fluffed each ponytail and connected them with tons of bobby pins! 





Then comes the fun part, cover your kid with a towel, and spray them down with colored hair spray! You can use a piece of paper or your hand to shield the sections you don’t want to be colored.


It would be wise to get your kid’s clothes on before you start this whole process. It’s difficult to navigate a shirt over their heads when their hair is stiff and covered in color. 






We added the bobby-pinned gemstones in and we also added some colored hair extensions for kicks and giggles!!!






She was pretty excited and so was I! Crazy hair day really is the best! I hope you can use some of these tips to create a fun dragon style for your little one too!






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