Fun Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Crazy Hair Day Ideas! Oh, how we LOVE crazy hair day around here! I think I get more excited than my kids do! I love seeing their faces when their hair is done. They get so excited to show their friends, and frankly, so do I! Winking smile




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Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Every year, during Red Ribbon week, we have a crazy hair day to show school spirit. This year we decided to go for a spooky look for Max since it’s so close to Halloween.


We had a few problems being creative with his hair because it’s so short right now. We knew these spider webs would stick because let’s face it, you can never get them off of you when you want to!

I spiked his hair with gel, let it dry, used black hair spray, and then covered his head in webs and spiders. Super easy, and he loved it.


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Gracie’s hair took a little more effort. She wanted to be a beautiful rainbow unicorn. Which has pretty much been her theme for her entire life?


Her last 2 birthday parties have included a rainbow unicorn. She always likes to look beautiful, nothing scary or creepy for this girl.


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It was a busy morning so I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I can explain. I made the horn out of cardstock.


I simply rolled the paper into a cone and taped the sides, but I left the top of the horn open a little, so I could slip bobby pins into it to secure the hair. I ratted the hair in the front and on the sides, and then wrapped it around the cone 4 times, using the front section first, the sides, and then the back until it was as covered as I could get it.


I secured the cone with more bobby pins around the base and the top. I hair sprayed it like crazy!
Then I made three ponytails down the center of her head and curled them.


Last, we went outside and used colored hair spray to make it “rainbowish,” as Gracie would say!



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She LOVED it, and kept posing for us! It really wasn’t hard at all! I used the bow in the front the conceal a part that wasn’t so cute. You gotta love big bows!!


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If this picture doesn’t show how excited she was, I don’t know what would.
What have you done for your child’s crazy hair days?! I want to know! Need More Ideas? Check Out Star Wars And Mermaid Ideas


More Crazy Hair Ideas!


Get out your hairspray, bobby pins, and hair paint! It’s time for crazy hair day!



Crazy hair day idea, Dragon hair for girls! Your little dragon lover will go crazy for this fun and crazy hair day idea!



Star Wars and Mermaid Crazy Hair Day Ideas! We love crazy hair day around here! It’s a fun challenge for me and the kids to try to think up something fun together, and I honestly love seeing their faces when they see the creation they dreamed of coming to life! 

The only bad thing about crazy hair day is having to wake up early to get it done. I REALLY like my sleep, especially with a new baby at home. Sleep is a hot commodity.


Luckily, I had my hubby home, so we worked together to get these done. Since we were working so fast, I didn’t have much time to take pictures of the process, but I’ll try my best to help you achieve these Crazy Hair Day ideas yourself!



23 thoughts on “Fun Crazy Hair Day Ideas”

  1. I found you via Anti-Procrastination Tuesday at New Nostalgia. This is adorable! I will have to remember this for when I have kids someday. You are a super mom! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas

  2. Oh! I love your boys hair. I had trouble coming up with something for my son's short hair and just spiked it as best I could. I will keep this in mind for next year – he'll love it too.

  3. I am dying to try this for my crazy hair day! I am so happy u posted these pictures of ur adorable kids! Thanks for the idea.

  4. Allison ^

    Do a disco ball!!! Get rly shiny silver bows pin her hair all right around her head then add your silver bows to completely cover her head you could even leave some hair out in little pony tails using small du bet bands n get some glitter hair spray and curl then spray them post pics

  5. Hi! I'm doing this for my daughter's crazy hair day tomorrow. Can I just ask – how did you attach the horn to wrap the hair around it in the first place? Thanks so much!

  6. AWESOME IDEA!!!!<3 thanks to you I'm gonna have the craziest and coolest hair in school tomorrow

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