Summer Bucket List Challenge-week 5

Summer Bucket List Challenge–Week 5

It’s the last week of June! Can you believe it? We have had so much fun with the Summer Bucket List Challenge-week 5 and I hope it helps you too! Let’s finish the month off with a bang!


Summer Bucket List Challenge-week 5

Summer Bucket List Challenge-week 5

Regardless of the ages and stages of your kids, summer can wear you out! That’s why we started this challenge group! Join us in our Facebook group all throughout June for daily summer bucket list ideas, or jump in here for a week-by-week guide. (Click here for week 1,  week 2 , week 3 and week 4!

Day 25: Build a fairy house! This is a Lewis family favorite! You can do this up in the canyon or even in your backyard. The only supplies you need for this project are to own your own backyard! Leaves, twigs, flowers, and a few rocks. It feeds their imagination as well as their creativity. Once it’s done, let the fairy visit their new home by leaving some kind of token of their appreciation. 

Day 26: Art Gallery! Break out the chalk and sidewalk paint and let your kids design the driveway with their art. You can either just enjoy the creations on your own or let your kids invite their friends for an evening of art! The clean-up is easy and can even turn into another water activity!

Day 27: Ice Cream in a bagNothing is better than homemade ice cream on a hot day and it’s even better when you get to make your own! 


Day 28: Learn how to________! What is it this Summer your kids want to learn? Is it how to swim, learn the guitar or to master a new hobby? Set a goal for the Summer for each of your kids and you, to master something new and you can all head back to school bragging about the new skill you have learned.


Day 29: Paint kindness rocks for your neighbors! Can you imagine finding a rock that’s painted in beautiful colors with the words, ” You are Amazing” painted on it? It would make you feel so good! Start a kindness project- collecting, painting rocks and then spreading them out onto your neighbor’s porches. 

Day 30: Raise Butterflies & release themThere is nothing more magical than raising butterflies. You have the opportunity to witness one of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close. Butterfly kits come with all you need and then your kids will be able to watch as they transform into beautiful butterflies and are ready for flight.


Summer Bucket List Challenge-week 5


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