Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 4

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 4

How’s Your Summer Going? I can’t believe it’s the middle of June already. I hope the Summer Bucket List Challenge is helping with the Summer boredom at your house.

This week I’m going to focus on the teenagers in your life! If you don’t have one of these creatures in your home you can still use the ideas by making them age appropriate.

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 4 

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 4

Regardless of the ages and stages of your kids, summer can wear you out! That’s why we started this challenge group! Join us in our Facebook group all throughout June for daily summer bucket list ideas, or jump in here for a week by week guide. (Click here for week 1week 2 post  or week 3!)

Day 18: It’s Time to Karaoke! You can host a party with all their friends or do it as a family. The catch, just sing Disney songs! I don’t care how old you are, Disney songs are the best and everyone knows the words to each and every song!

Day 19: Bonfire! This seems to be the ultimate teen thing to do! If you can’t find a place for a bonfire just start a fire in your fire pit and away you go! Nothing can be better than hanging out with a group of friends or family while making s’mores and telling stories.

Day 20: Spa Day! Girls of all ages would love this one! You can either go and get a mani or a pedi at your local nail salon or set up your own spa in your own home! Your girls will love taking care of mom as much as you want to take care of them. PS the nail polish will come off your skin after your kids paint your toes!

Day 21: Go on an Adventure! You can do this two ways, first, fill a jar of different things your kids want to do this Summer and let someone pick the adventure from the jar. Second, get out the map of your state and close your eyes and stick the map with a pin, and that’s where your adventure will begin. The destination might not look exciting but you will be surprised what you will find.

Day 22: Go Geocaching! Geocaching is like a real-life treasure hunt where you use your navigational skills and a little help from Google Maps! You will find containers with fun goodies you can swap out. There are thousands of “geocaches” all over the world, and it could make for some fun adventures!


Day 23: Camp in the Backyard: Go all out! Set up the tent, get out the camp chairs, tell stories around the firepit and gaze at the stars! Don’t forget to pack the bug spray and enjoy a few s’mores!


Day 24: Make a movie: Take time to write a script and develop the characters. Your teen can gather all their friends or make it a family activity. You can film it on your phone or something fancier than that. Edit. Then you can premiere the masterpiece at an outside backyard movie night.

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 4

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