Summer Bucket List Challenge

Summer Bucket List Challenge


We are super excited about our challenge for the month of June! Starting tomorrow, we will be introducing our Summer Bucket List Challenge! This month we will be giving you ideas everyday, that you can add to your own Summer bucket list.


Summer Bucket List Challenge


I’ve noticed that there are often mixed feelings about Summer. My friends who are parents say things like: “Ugh, the kids are already bored and it’s the first day of Summer!” or “I’m excited to spend all Summer with my kids!” Never Fear,  Lou Lou Girls are here! We feel that the perfect way to make your summer fun-filled, but not overwhelming is a bucket list. 


Challenge 1: June 1st: Make a List. The first thing to do is to sit down and make a list with your kids and spouse! Everyone should have input and get to do at least one thing they want to do. There are many ways to do this, some use a whiteboard or butcher paper. Write them down so you can cross or check them off as you go! Leave empty space on your board because you may want to add activities as the summer goes on!



Challenge 2: June 2nd: See a movie at a Drive-In! One of my most favorite memories is when we would go sit in the back of the truck and go to the drive-in! If there is not a drive-in nearby, have your kids make their own cars out of cardboard boxes and make your own drive-in in your living room. If you’re really fancy outside with a screen and a projector.


Challenge 3: June 3rd:Win a Prize at the Carnival! Have your kids earn money by doing chores or tasks for you. Then take them to the carnival and pick a game they would like to try. Also, you could set up your own carnival games and give out prizes for those and they could earn tokens for the games with their chores.



Challenge 4: June 4th: Lemonade Stand! Everyone loves having a good lemonade stand! Help your kids make some lemonade and/or cookies and then let them sell them on the corner in your neighborhood. 



Challenge 5: June 5th: Go Stargazing! Sometimes you just need an activity that doesn’t take much effort. If you don’t already know look up some maps of the stars and teach your kids about the different constellations. There are even apps that will help you find them and give you stories behind them! 


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