Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 2

Join our challenge group for daily summer-fun ideas! Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 2!


Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 2

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 2

Summer seems so promising for me this year because we have grass, a fence on our yard, and I’m not nursing a baby or pregnant! I’m so excited! Regardless of the ages and stages of your kids though, it can wear you out! That’s why we started this challenge group! Join us in our Facebook group all throughout June for daily summer bucket list ideas, or jump in here for a week by week guide. (Click here for last week’s post!)



Day 6: Water balloon games! Some of my favorite water balloon games include:

  • A straight up water fight
  • Water balloon volleyball: Two people hold a towel to catch the balloon
  • Catch: Each person takes a step back each time you toss it to each other
  • Baseball: Let your kids try and hit it and giggle when they get soaked!
  • Water balloon relay race: Run to a chair and sit on the balloon until it pops, then go tag your next team member

Also, if you haven’t tried out these Bunch of Balloons yet THEY ARE AMAZING and really work!!



Day 7: Rock Hunting. If you are already over the heat, get yourself to a shady mountain area and let your kids go rock hunting. They will be so excited to collect things. Just be sure to bring something (like a shoe box) to hold all of their rocks. To make things really fun, consider getting some magnifying glasses or a book on geology to add to their experience! Don’t forget to bring a camping chair and some lemonade for yourself!

Day 8: Scavenger Hunt: When we started this blog, 5 years ago, I was sitting at the computer and my daughter came up to me after only being out of school for 6 days and told me that she was bored! I made this scavenger hunt and sent her and her friend on their merry way! They loved it and since then I have used it for church groups too. The best thing is that it gets them out of the house and exploring! Print this off and see what kind of adventure your kids go on!

Day 9: Build a sandcastleOkay, I live in Utah and we don’t have any beaches around but there is a lot of sand plies! Make it special! Have a friendly competition with the whole family or with the neighborhood kids. Give out prizes to everyone for the most unique, durable, all-around, etc.. Add some squirt bottles to knock down the creations at the end and to cool off!

Day 10: Find a Pen PalThis is great for almost any age of kid! You can either write to a cousin or friend that lives far away or you can find a pen pal from a different country. You can find one on different sites online. My daughter, Jessica, had one when she was young from Ireland. This is a great way for your child to practice writing an actual letter and learning about different parts of the world. They will get so excited waiting for that letter. 

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