Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 3

Join our group for daily summer-fun ideas!! Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 3


Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 3

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 3

Regardless of the ages and stages of your kids, summer can wear you out! That’s why we started this challenge group! Join us in our Facebook group all throughout June for daily summer bucket list ideas, or jump in here for a week by week guide. (Click here for last week’s post!)



Day 11: Blow some bubbles! Kids of all ages love bubbles! My boys LOVE bubble guns and I love them because they are mess free and keep my kids entertained forever. No spill bubble dispensers are also great for toddlers or even bubble machines. My two year old also loves his bubble lawn mower. You just can’t go wrong with bubbles!



Day 12: Car Wash. Wash your own car, or your kids cars! You can also enlist your kids to help wash their own car seats, strollers, toys, shoes, etc. They will have a blast! The more bubbles the better! Give them rags, sponges, or even just let them use their hands! If they really like it, you can invest in a car washing kit and have a super clean car all summer!



Day 13: Hit the Pool! Swim in your pool at home or get out and hit a local pool or water park! As a kid, we always had season passes to the local water park and spent hours upon hours there all summer. I love taking my kids because it brings back so many memories for me. My mom also always had a pool for us set up in the backyard so we could cool down every day! This dinosaur pool is the one we have this year and my little boys can’t get enough of it!



Day 14: Visit the Library. Get your kids some free non-screen time entertainment by taking them to the library to pick out some books! Even young babies like reading new books and it’s a great way to cool off and relax.



Day 15: Swim in a Lake. Get out in nature and splash in a river or a lake. We have a lot of community reservoirs near us that we love going to. My kids love building sand castles, swimming, and even just throwing rocks in the water.



Day 16: Go wild at a splash pad! Splash pads are all the rage these days and for good reason! There a great way for your kids to get wet without the worry of the swimming pool. They’re also usually free. We like to take a lunch and make a day of it!



Day 17: Get you hammock on. Find yourself a shady spot and hang up a few hammocks. Even young kids will enjoy just relaxing in the breeze. I also enlist my kids to rock me and they think it’s so fun! 

Summer Bucket List Challenge Week 3

What else is on your bucket list this summer?


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