Easter Basket Tips

Easter Basket Tips


Here are some Easter Basket Tips for your kids! Hopefully, you can get some ideas for your kids this early Easter.


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Easter Basket Tips

My mom was always the queen of all the holidays, I mean she still is. My kids are so lucky because they don’t know how great she is. When we were kids she would always give us the best baskets.

They were always themed and keep in mind this was pre-Pinterest. One thing she was really good at was getting things that she knew were going to be popular and each thing matched our personalities and likes. I literally had the most magical childhood. Here are the things I learned from Kim and I try to be as good as her, even though I know that’s a standard I may never reach.

This year, Easter is really early. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like the kids were getting lots of toys because of their birthdays and all the holidays. We went with a different theme this year. You’ll see what I mean!


Easter Basket Tips

Tip #1 – Make it a Theme – Typically what I will do is a theme for each kid of what they love at the time. Last year,  I did Mario themed for Grey, Dinosaur themed for Sawyer and baby toys for Ellie. Each kid got a coloring book, a game, a reading book, candy, and a church outfit. The year before similar stuff different theme.  With Easter being so early this year and it’s right between all their birthday’s I decided to do something different.

Easter Basket Tips

I got them some outdoor stuff and then I got them swim stuff. I got the boys Nike swim shorts,  Nike rash guards, Nike Slides, sunglasses and beach towels. I got the girls swimsuits from Caden Lane, sunglasses, sandals, and beach towels. 

Tip #2 – Shop Early – I shopped really early this year because we’re having a baby next week and then it’s Easter that weekend. I want to keep the magic alive for the older kids though. The other reason it’s good to shop early because it’s easier to make and keep your plan and you can shop online and get things you actually want to get the kids.  Sometimes you can also find deals. I shopped all over this year but everything came quick on time, some years things take longer than expected so it’s nice to have things done.



Easter Basket Tips

Tip #3 – Less toys – The more kids we have the less I want to buy them toys. We have a basement filled with toys, some of which they never touch. With Easter and other holiday’s we are trying to buy them maybe one toy, then books, coloring books, outdoor activities to keep them busy. Give them some stuff that you’re going to buy them anyway. Some people may think we go overboard, but a lot of the stuff we were going to buy them anyways. Click on the picture to go to the website with lots of paint books



Tip #4 – Simplify the Workload – I’ve started buy Easter eggs that are filled on Amazon so that we don’t necessarily have to dye eggs if we don’t have time or don’t want to. Then the kids will have eggs to find on the morning of. I just get stuff that the kids are all into.


Peter Rabbit Personalized Easter Basket Liner Custom Easter Basket Liner Monogram Easter Basket Liner for Boy or Girl Peter Rabbit image 1


Tip #5 – Get a Basket from Etsy – Getting baskets on Etsy was the smartest thing we’ve ever done. The kids love having their names on them and they have lasted great. It makes it easy for the hunts and then when the bunny comes the kids know which one is theirs. 




DIY Easter Nests! Easter is filled with so many bright and beautiful colors! It makes me want to fill the whole house with things that remind me of this season.

These cute DIY Easter nests are so simple but the simplicity brings sweetness to your home. The great thing is that you can do it with your kids and they can help you decorate this year!


DIY Easter Nests


This Jello Pie is any kids dream!  Easy No Bake Recipe is perfect  for summer! It will be a hit at any holiday, cookouts, picnics and fun family gatherings!


Jello Pie


Mini Cadbury Egg Cookies are an easy Easter treat for any party. I love me some Mini Cadbury Eggs, thanks to Easter bunny!


Mini Cadbury Egg Cookies

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  1. So many great tips in this post. I love the recipe for Cadbury egg cookies, they look delicious, I will be making those with my daughter. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Easter.

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