Easy DIY Easter Nests

DIY Easter Nests

DIY Easter Nests! Easter is filled with so many bright and beautiful colors! It makes me want to fill the whole house with things that remind me of this season.


These cute DIY Easter nests are so simple but the simplicity brings sweetness to your home. The great thing is that you can do it with your kids and they can help you decorate this year!



DIY Easter Nests


I made these for my fireplace mantel but they would be perfect for a centerpiece for your Easter brunch or even a great way to leave an Easter surprise for someone you love!


DIY Easter Nests



packing tape

mod podge


Easter paper grass



First, blow up your balloon and using the packing tape, secure it to the bottom of a bowl.




Second, apply mod podge to half of the balloon to create a guide for the nest.

Lay strips of the grass onto the glue-covered area, covering as much as you can.

Dip small handfuls of the crumpled paper in the glue mixture, and continue adding to create a full nest. Let dry for a few hours.

Pop balloon. Top it off with additional shredded paper, and fill it with small treats.












easter bottles1





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