Batman Birthday Party

Batman Birthday Party


It was Sawyer’s Birthday this week and he chose Batman as a theme for his birthday. We did a fun Batman Birthday Party and he loved it!


Batman Birthday Party



Batman Birthday Party

The unfortunate part about this birthday party is that Sawyer would not hold still for a good picture. I only got pictures of him looking away or really blurry ones of him saying cheese! Planning a party and making a cake when you are 8 months pregnant and when you’re old it’s rough.

We made the most simple cake we could for his birthday and did it over the entire week. Here’s what we did, first, ordered all the things for batman on Amazon and Etsy. I ordered the shirt from Etsy and it got here really fast, the vendor was amazing and did an awesome job! Super cute shirt below.





On amazon I ordered the banners, balloons, and cake topper, it also came with cupcake toppers that are adorable but I ran of ambition to make them. We loved the decor, Sawyer and Grey loved the balloons and banners.

I had help from the boys putting them up which was actually pretty fun. Funny story, Matt is allergic to balloons or the powder on them, not sure, so he can’t really help me with that. I love how they used Lego Batman and little bat boys for the decorations, it made it more little boy friendly.




As far as the cake goes, Monday, we had a day off work so I made the marshmallow fondant. Tuesday, we dyed said fondant yellow. The only thing was we were going to dye one black but then we couldn’t find black food coloring and so we bought black fondant from the store to save time. Wednesday was a cleaning day, I cleaned the house, which you don’t realize is so hard right now. Thursday, I baked and froze the cakes in the freezer, this step is important because it makes it easier to carve and frost. Friday, we cut and leveled the cakes, frosted and decorated the cakes.



The total decoration once we had the cakes frosted took one hour. Which is not very much time compared to some of the other cakes we have made in the past. This way it kept me off my feet as much as possible. Usually I have Matt helping me with all the things, but he had to work this weekend. It was stressful a little bit, but we got it all done and the party was a hit!





Do you have a little one that would love a Batman Birthday Party?  We would love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below or tag us on Instagram




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