Vintage Car Themed Birthday Party

Vintage Car Themed Birthday Party

A Vintage Car Themed Birthday Party was the perfect party theme for my car-loving one-year-old boy! My three-year-old loved it too!


A Vintage Car Themed Birthday Party

A Vintage Car Themed Birthday Party

The crown jewel of Haden’s vintage car-themed birthday party was definitely the tire cake. I can’t even take any of the credit because the talented Cassie made it. Haden loved it as you can see from his cake smash video!



For his party, we just had family over and got some Papa Murphey’s pizza and drinks. I have always wanted to do a cute display for the food but can never justify spending money on something that I’ll only use once. I realized though that my procrastination of putting off decorating Haden’s room was going to pay off because I just got things for the food display that I could use to decorate his room!




The Route 66 sign was a splurge at Hobby Lobby but it was so worth it! It is going to look awesome in his room (I know, I know… I need to hang it up!). The picture frame and cars are from there as well. I have a wooden pipe shelf that I am going to display the cars on. 




I got the idea for serving donuts on Pinterest because you can find a lot of free printable “spare tires” signs but I never got around to printing the little signs. The fan decor is from target and the little silver dots came with it. The table cloth is from the dollar store, a party favorite!



The party was a success and we had a very happy, very spoiled little one-year-old! Happy Birthday, Haden!!










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  1. Oh, this is too cute! We just got back from a road trip that included a decent chunk of Route 66. My father-in-law is a classic car buff and my dad loves them as well. This might be a great idea for them as well. Such fun!

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