Where The Wild Things Are 1 Year old Birthday Party

Where The Wild Things Are 1 Year old Birthday Party for our little man Sawyer! We thought this was the perfect theme for our little wild one.



Sawyer is definitely my mischievous child, he loves to explore and find new things. Pull off his diaper and crawl around naked. He’ll do and follow just about anything that Grey is doing, which is cute but can get a little crazy.

We love the book, Where the Wild Things Are, yes it’s better than the movie. Like a lot better! It just makes me think of my cute monster boys! I’m so glad to be a boy mom, they are so fun and have the most fun toys! I have loved every minute of having 2 boys. 






Once I decided to do the, Where the wild things are theme, it was easy to find everything I needed either on Etsy or on Amazon. I got the cups, plates, and banners on Amazon. Then I got his shirt, the printable signs from Etsy and then my cute sitter let us borrow her adorable puppets she had! 












We did the smash cake and it was fairly easy however the cake sunk significantly overnight. There were a few things we could have done differently to fix that problem but I didn’t realize that my cake was that heavy. But it was still cute and Sawyer loved the cake so much!! This was the best theme we’ve done so far!!





Did I mention we could not get the happiest baby on earth to smile for his 1-year-old photos? Wild One was super fitting for this photoshoot! Lisa did so great as our photographer for such a grumpy baby!!! You’re welcome!











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