PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old

PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old

It’s crazy to think my little man was born 3 years ago! Grey is 3 years old and we had a party! Check out these PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old.


PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old


Grey is literally the most pleasant child ever. He’s sweet, fun-loving, and extremely particular. He loves to line everything up by size or color. He loves cars, PJ masks, monster trucks, and dinosaurs/dinosaur eggs. Grey is such a good big brother, he’s always trying to take care of Sawyer when he cries.

I love that when Sawyer cries he’ll run in and scream, “baby crying”, and then run back in the nursery and try to give him his binkie. Then he throws stuffed animals in his crib and says, “there there baby.” When Sawyer bathes in the farm sink, Grey loves to bring him bath toys to play with, and by the time we’re done with the bath the sink is full!


PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old

We partied big time with our little man and had a PJ Masks Birthday party! His birthday was last week and he’s still trying to get over the birthday hangover. We’re also potty training, but that’s a story for another day. We started by making a PJ mask HQ cake. It was 23 inches tall, it took 9, 6-inch cakes to make it proportional. we did a yellow cake and then the ears on Owlette were Rice Krispie treats.

The wings are straight milk chocolate with craft sticks inside to help maintain the shape. Honestly, we put the wings on 15 minutes before the party started because we were worried the cake would fall apart with how heavy the chocolate was. Or that it would melt and the wings would melt and then some other catastrophe would ensue.



We got our PJ Masks plates at Walmart, a month ago they were on clearance for a dollar for 8 plates, so we bought them out! Now, I am grateful Matt checks the clearance aisle every time we go to the store.

PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old



We got the banner, table cloth and the figurines for the cake from Amazon. Then we went to Macey’s to get the balloons. We had a lot of fun with all our family that came over to celebrate Grey! We sure love him!


PJ Masks Birthday Ideas for a 3 Year Old


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