Fun Homemade Rainbow Rice

Homemade Rainbow Rice

Homemade Rainbow Rice will save you so much money, and your kids will love to play with it. Grey will play for hours at a time!


Homemade Rainbow Rice


Homemade Rainbow Rice

Grey love to play with rice in a sensory bin, he buries things and then digs them out, he plays Jurassic Worlds, Monster truck rally and so much more. I had a huge bin with probably 50 pounds of rice, yes, I’m crazy. We used it for my play preschool that I did with Greyson and some of his cousins this summer.

We went to the booth at our cities celebration, fiesta days. They were selling a small amount of rice for 3 dollars, it looked like it was half a cup. I couldn’t believe it. Then I looked on amazon and it was way more expensive. I knew there had to be a better way. 



I took the 50 pounds of rice that I had, and started to experiment. I came up with my own little recipe Grey loved all the colors. He’s been telling me that everything we need to do needs to be a rainbow. If you could hear his little voice you would understand why I couldn’t resist making it happen. 


Homemade Rainbow Rice Recipe

5 cups of rice

1/3 cup white vinegar

food coloring

It just depends how brightly colored you want it. I used my Wilton food coloring and I used about 1/4 teaspoon. I used gallon Ziploc bags and I mixed the vinegar with the food coloring first then I added the rice. 



1 pound of rainbow rice on is nearly 17 dollars. A ten pound bag of rice from Walmart is 5 dollars. I did about 40 pounds of rice for about 25 dollars, that is staggering. 




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