Easy Lemon Volcano Kid Activity

Lemon Volcano Kid Activity

Lemon Volcano Kid Activity! It only takes minutes to do, which we all know is a bonus when you are working with young kids.

About a week ago, I had the privilege of having all my grandkids at my house. Seven little bodies running around the house and enjoying each other’s company. The activities started out with at least an hour of looking for Rolly Polly’s.

Anyone that has been around kids under 12 knows that quickly loses interest and wants to explore another activity.

Trying to be a good grandma, I whipped up some cream of tartar playdough to make volcanos. My Cooper was thrilled at first with the idea of making his own volcano.

When he couldn’t construct the perfect volcano that he dreamed about it turned to disappointment.


Lemon Volcano Kid Activity


I’m a little like Cooper, when I realized that he couldn’t achieve his vision, I started looking for ways to make an easy and fun alternative. This is a perfect thing to do with your kids or grandkids.



Lemon Volcano Kid Activity

Supplies Needed:

Lemons ( at least 2 for each volcano)

Baking Soda

Food Coloring

Plastic spoon or Craft Stick

Dish Soap

Paper Plate




  1. Do this step for your kiddo, slice the bottom off your lemon so it can stand up. 



2. Flip the lemon over and cut out the core. Prepare an extra lemon by slicing it in half and juicing it into a cup, and set aside

3. Place your cored lemon onto a paper plate. Use your plastic spoon to mush the center of the lemon and make it juicy. Be sure to keep all that lovely juice inside the lemon!



4. Put a few drops of the food coloring into the center of the lemon.



5. Squeeze a good amount of dish soap into the lemon. This is what causes the bubble to ooze and froth for a longer time.



6. Add a teaspoon of baking soda into the mixture. Take your spoon and gently stir the lemon. It should start foaming as soon as you start stirring.

7. Pour the lemon juice you reserved in the cup to cause a bigger reaction. You can also squeeze the lemon to make it react.



An alternative volcano is to slice the lemon in half and follow the steps above! Your kids are going to love this!






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