Easy Bubble Foam

Bubble Foam

Bubble Foam is a perfect activity for your munchkins when you’re trying to get things done. Grey played for hours bathing his dinosaurs!


Bubble Foam


This summer has been great and today is the last day and I love all the new fun activities we have done and tried! The boys have learned so much and grown, but also they have learned to independently play.

We all know that kids would rather play with a box than play with their actual toys, so this activity is a cheap and easy activity that just keeps on giving. 



What we Did for Bubble Foam

3 tablespoons of kids bubble bath (we have also done body wash before)

3/4 cup water

 food coloring

Then, mix with a hand mixer until you get stiff peaks! When the bubbles start to go away you can whip them up again. 



Don’t mind my child in his underwear, he went potty and I didn’t notice that he came back without them. Then he told me they got wet from the water.



The thing I loved about this Grey used his imagination and decided to clean his dinosaurs and cars and rinse them off. Also, it’s pretty easy clean up.

The rainbow rice has been a hit with the boys, it’s a little messier but sweeps up easily and they beg to play with both of these daily. Cheap entertainment!



Ideas to Keep Your Munckin Happy


Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity! You know an activity is a keeper when your 15-year old still wants to do it! When Lisa was about 4 years old we started freezing animals in the water.


Lemon Volcano Kid Activity! It only takes minutes to do, which we all know is a bonus when you are working with young kids.




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