Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity

Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity

Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity! You know an activity is a keeper when your 15-year old still wants to do it! When Lisa was about 4 years old we started freezing animals in the water.

She loved melting the ice to recover the animals. Seriously, I would prepare this for her at least 3 times a week and it would entertain her for almost an hour! I thought it was time to share this with my grandkids and you! You will thank me later! lol



Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity

Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity

Supplies Needed:

Dollar Store plastic animals or dinosaurs ( honestly anything plastic)

Squirt bottles

cheap paint brushes

food coloring



First, place the items in a bowl that you can freeze. I used glass for this one but I would recommend a tin bowl instead. Your creation will pop out easier.



Second: Fill the bowl with water. Make sure not to fill it up so much that you can’t carry it to the freezer.



Third: Add a few drops of food coloring to make it more mysterious and a little harder to find the animals. Place the bowl in the freezer. It needs to be completely frozen. Depending on the freezer it might take overnight.



Fourth: Fill your sink with warm water and then emerge the bottom of the bowl into the water. You will hear the ice crack when it’s ready. It shouldn’t take any longer than a minute. Flip the ice sculpture on to a cookie sheet and let the fun begin!



Fifth: I always take it out on my front porch because there will be water everywhere! Give each child a squirt bottle and a paintbrush to help them discover the animals. What they will do is squirt the water onto the sculpture helping to melt the ice around each object. It’s like a little treasure hunt in ice! It will keep them cool and busy on a hot Summer day!



Cooper is 4 years old and he didn’t lose interest at all! Matter of fact, he asked me to freeze the animals again so he could do it the next time he came to my house. Yes, that’s my 15-year old loving it as well! Haden that is 2, was probably a little too young. He just wanted to squirt me in the face!







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  1. This is awesome! I’ve always just done it in ice cube trays with one per cube but this is way more fun! My daughter will love it! Thanks 🙂

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