Cool Ankylosaurus Cake

Ankylosaurus Cake

Grey’s birthday was last week and he loves dinosaurs so we made an Ankylosaurus cake! We tried to make Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous!


Ankylosaurus cake


Greyson loves Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous Jurassic World on Netflix. He calls all ankylosaurus dinosaurs Bumpy and so we decided to try and go for it. I always have these crazy ideas and I always tell Matt he’ll figure out how to make it work.

He always does. This time I wanted the dinosaur standing, his head off the table and tail in action. I drew a bunch of option of what it could look like and then Matt made it happen. 



We cute the basic body shape out of plywood and then covered it with Rice Krispie treats around the head, tail and legs. Don’t mind the cake bomb in the kitchen going on in the background.

We started with it upside down and did the legs, belly and tail with the Rice Krispies and then we covered it with fondant on the belly and legs. Flipped it over, and put the cake on and carved it.



Then we shaped the head and added the bumps with Rice Krispies. Then we covered it with fondant and added the details! Grey was obsessed and loved it! He told me Bumpy would be mad if I lit candles on the cake, because I lit him on fire! However, he got over that!



He also told me he would be mad if we ate him, also got over that too! We loved this cake it was super fun! I love that my husband has fun with this too and that he just fuels my crazy by helping me make my dreams a reality! 






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  1. Hi, Can you please send me some pictures of the base you used for this cake as I would love to try and replicate.


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