Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Monster Truck Birthday Cake

My four year old actually designed this Oreo monster truck birthday cake himself so you can bet it was a hit!



All my son wanted for his 4th birthday was a monster truck birthday party. I had him look on Pinterest with me for ideas and it was really fun to see what he was excited about.


One thing for sure was a monster truck cake! I am definitely not a cake master like my sisters-in-law, and his birthday is right around Christmas, so I tried to keep it as simple as possible for myself.


This is a cake box cake with purchased frosting, but the Oreo touches were my son’s idea and it tasted amazing! If you’re looking for an actual amazing chocolate cake recipe, check out this one!




Chocolate cake

Chocolate frosting


Monster Trucks

Hot wheels cars




Make your cake. (I made mine in a 9×13 inch pan. I smothered the pan with Crisco and flour before pouring in the batter. Then I put it in the freezer overnight. In the morning I cut out the circle and used the extra pieces to make the ramp.)


Frost your cake. It can be messy because it is supposed to look like dirt and you will be putting Oreos around the edges and top!


Place your monster trucks where you want them.


Put Oreos around the edges. Crush the rest of the Oreos and sprinkle them on top!


Happy birthday to your little monster truck lover!





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