Star Wars and Mermaid Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Star Wars and Mermaid Crazy Hair Day Ideas


Star Wars and Mermaid Crazy Hair Day Ideas! We love crazy hair day around here! It’s a fun challenge for me and the kids to try to think up something fun together, and I honestly love seeing their faces when they see the creation they dreamed of coming to life! 

The only bad thing about crazy hair day is having to wake up early to get it done. I REALLY like my sleep, especially with a new baby at home. Sleep is a hot commodity.


Luckily, I had my hubby home, so we worked together to get these done. Since we were working so fast, I didn’t have much time to take pictures of the process, but I’ll try my best to help you achieve these Crazy Hair Day ideas yourself!





Okay, so the Star Wars head is supposed to be a Death Star with Darth Vader and Obi -Wan Kenobi battling on top. We also have the laser shooting out of the side.  Any Star Wars fanatic would know this, but since I am a new convert to Star Wars myself, I thought I’d help you out!

We formed the Death Star by slicking his hair down with heavy hair gel. We blow-dried it to get it stiff so that we could bobby pin the characters in. Then we used silver hair spray all over.


Star-Wars-and-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (3)Star-Wars-and-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (1)
Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (15)

The Lego Star Wars figures were hot glued to a piece of cardstock so they could easily be pinned.

Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (17)


The laser ray was a pipe cleaner folded in half and twisted anchored by a bobby pin. 


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (10)


Then we painted the black lines on with craft paint. BEWARE, this was a beast to get out later, but beauty is pain or something like that…


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (11)
Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (14)

Star Wars and Mermaid Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Okay, now for the mermaid do. This mermaid might look familiar. I used it on her cake for her birthday.


So I started by painting a Styrofoam bowl with tan hair spray, and I hot glued the mermaid to the bowl.  While that was cooling down.


I parted her hair, sprayed the top tan and pulled it to the side, and secured it with an elastic in 4 different places. Then I wrapped the hair around the bowl and secured it with a lot of bobby pins.


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (2)


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (19)


Then I made little buns around the side of the bowl. I tried to make them look like waves, that was tricky, and I was swearing a little because we were running out of time!


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (1)


We used a little craft paint to make seaweed. Once again, not so wise, since it was hard to get out.


But if you have patience, go for it! Oh yeah,  I also used white hair spray on the top of the buns to try and make it look like breaking waves, dark blue on the bottom, and glitter all over.


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (5)


Star-Wars-Mermaid-Crazy-Hair-Day-Ideas (18)


Good luck! Tell me what you did for Crazy hair day! Need a couple more ideas? Check out these ideas: Crazy Hair


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