Cute Mermaid Cake Tutorial

Mermaid Cake Tutorial




Mermaid Cake Tutorial

If you’ve been following Lou Lou Girls for a while, you know that Cassie and I love to make cakes. We’ve done a few tutorials that will help you with this cake. Here’s a recipe for marshmallow fondant that I used to make the fish and stars.

Today I’m just going to show you how I made the ocean waves and sea creatures. I started with two frozen cakes. I put a light layer of frosting in between the layers and did a simple light layer of frosting around the whole cake.

I found the perfect color of blue and added one drop to my frosting. Starting at the top of the cake, I made an S shape, starting at the bottom, and trailing off at the top to create the look of a breaking wave.  


Mermaid-Cake-DIY (2)


I added another drop of blue to my frosting, and repeated the S shape around the cake, below my first. And, finally, added yet another drop of frosting to the last little bit of frosting and finished the bottom row of S shapes.


Mermaid-Cake-DIY (4)


Then I topped the cake with brown sugar to look like sand.


Mermaid-Cake-DIY (5)


The fun part of this cake was making the sea creatures. I had my husband help me. My kids got this play dough set a few years ago and it had a ton of sea shapes.

I just dusted the presses with a little cornstarch and pressed my fondant into it. It was pretty much the easiest cake ever! We also made some little flowers with my flower cutting set that I bought specifically for fondant.  

Mermaid-Cake-DIY (6) Mermaid-Cake-DIY (7) Mermaid-Cake-DIY (8)


Don’t worry if your fondant shapes look a little dusty! You can fix that by lightly wetting a paintbrush, and gently dusting them off.

Lucky for me, my kids have started requesting toys as their cake toppers. They’ve gotten smart and realized that a toy will last forever, but fondant doesn’t!


Mermaid-Cake-DIY (10)


Finish your cake by pressing all of the cute little fondant creatures into the soft frosting. Super easy and the kids will love it!   


Mermaid-Cake-Tutorial (2) 

Mermaid Cake Tutorial

16 thoughts on “Cute Mermaid Cake Tutorial”

  1. Very Cute cake! It makes me wish my daughter was small again so I could make it for her!

    Came over on Mumma Scribbles, and I'm glad to find your site.

    Hope you have a blessed day today~

    1. As a 34 year old woman, I can tell you that if my mom made this for me, I would still 100% love it. Sometimes it's nice to just have your mom make something just for you. 🙂 Just a thought!

  2. My 5 y.o. daughter picked this cake of all the ones I pinned as possibilities, and the way you describe it seems so simple – I'll actually be able to make it! lol. Thanks!

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