Easter Outfits

Easter Outfits

During Easter, getting best dressed outfits is a thing that we do. What ever you like to do for Easter Outfits is up to you but where I like to go is below.


Easter Outfits #easter #easteroutfits #holidays

Easter Outfits


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Traditionally, my family likes to dress up for Easter Sunday so we can look good for church and then have a new church outfit for the spring to look nice. With most of my kids being born in the spring time around Easter, I haven’t done that as much. Sometimes I like to buy them an outfit to wear to school or for out and about. Here’s where I like to go.

H&M Desert Ridge Marketplace - Phoenix AZ, 85050


I really love H&M for boys button up shirts. They always have great options and they look nice and stay looking nice even after washing them. Pants and shorts for the boys they are hit and miss with that but if you hit it just right then you’ll get really good stuff. I do feel like some of the H&M outfits run a little smaller than other places so just be aware of that when ordering.

Easter Outfits

For girls dresses, H&M does not disappoint on the cuteness level, but again you have to hit just right, their sizes sell out fast. They also run a little small, I love little girl dresses that run a little longer so I find myself ordering a size up for Ellie to make sure it’s long enough. Also they are really great prices, I got a couple of dresses from there for pretty cheap. The dresses though I don’t feel like last as long as the boys stuff. That could be just because Ellie is a wild child and running everywhere and getting into everything.


View large product image 1 of 4. Straight Built-In Flex Pull-On Pants for Boys


Pants I really like Old Navy for their dress pants, but honestly sometimes I feel like Osh Kosh pants last longer looking nice and what not. We used to go to Carter’s a lot in the mall and get the boys church clothes and the pants always looked great and lasted through both boys.


Easter Outfits

Amazon.com: Amazon eGift Card - Amazon For All Occasions: Gift Cards



French Toast Boys' Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt (Standard & Husky)


Another good place to get shirts online is Amazon. A brand that I really like is the French Toast brand. Their shirts run a little bigger, but the material is super durable and stays super nice. I loved when I bought these for my boys last year and they actually still fit them and still look like new. That’s saying something because Grey has put a hole in almost every single pair of pants that he owns.

Easter Outfits



Ties and Bowties for the boys, I love Boon Ties and Dazi. Both have really good ties and they have sizes so all the men in your life can match and some you can even get girls bows so that everyone can match. 

Dresses for Ellie and soon to be new baby, literally I have no set location. The problem is maybe I’m a little too picky but I like more neutral stuff. Places that I always look first are H&M, Old Navy, Walmart, Target and then if I haven’t found the right thing I look to Etsy. Sometimes Etsy can be a little more pricy that’s the only reason I look there last. I try to buy stuff that will last but I also have a problem of buying too much, so if I’m going to do that, I should try and be a little frugal.

Nordstrom Rack - Bradley Fair


Shoes are an entirely different beast. The boys love their Nikes and now it’s in style to wear them with dress up clothes. I get the boys shoes on Nordstrom Rack and that’s pretty much it. Nike shoes are a steal on their and especially right now when they exclusively only want to wear their Nike’s I love to get a deal. Girl shoes are hard, we buy them everywhere honestly, and Ellie just likes to wear everyone else’s shoes so there’s that.


Accessories – Little Poppy Co.

Pastel Pink Organza Claire

Easter Outfits


Hair bows for girls, I used to have a subscription with Little Poppy Co. I loved it at the time because I didn’t have to think and I’d get a delivery every month. The only thing for me is that they would send a lot of busy patterns that I didn’t necessarily want to use because they didn’t really match with any of Ellie’s clothes.  However, it was super nice to have with our first girl. Now I buy all the bows on Amazon in bulk or on Etsy so I can get exactly what I want. 





Who says eggs need to be boring! Deviled Bacon Eggs are your classic recipe but all dressed up! Perfect for your Easter celebration to the perfect party appetizer.


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This Jello Pie is any kids dream!  Easy No Bake Recipe is perfect  for summer! It will be a hit at any holiday, cookouts, picnics and fun family gatherings!


Jello Pie


Soft and spiced carrot cake cookies have all the flavors of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!


carrot cake cookies

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  1. Soft pastel hues such as light pink, baby blue, lavender, mint green, and lemon yellow are popular choices for Easter outfits. These colors evoke the freshness and vibrancy of springtime.

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