Volcano Birthday Cake-ish

Volcano Birthday Cake-ish


Volcano Birthday Cake-ish was amazing! I mean can you really beat a cake that erupts like a volcano? The answer is no. You can’t.


Volcano Birthday Cake-ish #birthday #birthdaycake #kidsparty #volcanocake


Sawyer turned 3 last week! He is so freaking cute, there are no words. Sawyer is the kid that you just love. He’s funny and he knows it, he’s sweet and thoughtful of others, and a little bit of a tease. He really wanted a T-Rex Head for cake and I could decide how to do it.

I thought it might be a good idea to do a volcano with dinosaurs on it. He was sold as soon as I said lava. He’s going around telling everyone that he is having a floor is lava birthday. Then he requests the song to be played on youtube.



This was a great idea, thanks Jessica. My sister did this for our nephew one year for his birthday. She warned me that we should do all rice Krispies because the the lava makes the cake almost inedible. We built the rice Krispies around a bowl and a cup so we didn’t have a solid brick of rice Krispies.

Then I melted chocolate chips in the microwave and brushed it on top of the rice Krispies to give the appearance of dirt. This way we could have it last for a minute! We put dry ice in the center, which we imbedded a cup to catch the dry ice and then we used pre-refrigerated jello and dumped it in the cup with the dry ice. That’s how we got the lava. It worked amazingly! We also make chocolate cupcakes for the side since Sawyer wanted chocolate cake!



This was a really fun party to do! Sawyer loved the attention. He loved his exploding cake and he even blew out his candles, reluctantly. We love this boy! We hope you can enjoy this cake idea hopefully for someone in your family!



♬ Fire – Ohio Players





It was Sawyer’s Birthday this week and he chose Batman as a theme for his birthday. We did a fun Batman Birthday Party and he loved it!


Batman Birthday Party



Grey’s birthday was last week and he loves dinosaurs so we made an Ankylosaurus cake! We tried to make Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous!


Ankylosaurus cake


Pokemon is making a comeback and here is our best effort at a Pikachu cake


lou lou girls Pikachu cake


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  1. Happy birthday Sawyer. This is a cool cake. Did he get to make it erupt? We used to make volcanos using red food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar. It was a ton of fun watching it.

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