Our Favorite Toddler Apps

Our Favorite Toddler Apps

Screen time during Corona quarantine is inevitable, here are our favorite toddler apps!



our favorite toddler apps


Our Favorite Toddler Apps

With the new baby, lack of sleep, quarantine, and all the things, we have had to up our screen time for our little man. However, we’re trying to do more interactive screen time. Honestly, some of these he just loves and they are fun for him so we included them for your enjoyment! I have not tried every app but I have tried quite a few!


Night & Day Studios

Our Favorite Toddler Apps

Favorite #1 – Peekaboo Barn – This app shows all of the animals and then plays their sounds and says what animal it is. Grey has loved this app forever. It’s really cute and fun!


Dinosaur Park Jurassic Dino Adventure | Puzzle iPad App Game For ...


Favorite #2 – Dinosaur Park – Grey is all about dinosaurs these days, this app they drive a car, dig for bones, assemble the dinosaur bones, and then the dinosaurs go on an adventure. He loves this app!


Introducing: Articulation Station Pro! - Speech Time Fun: Speech ...


Favorite #3 – Articulation Station Pro – We’ve been working on speech, this app is a little expensive, however, Grey has loved it. It works on different letters and sounds, with matching games and puzzles. It was worth every penny in my opinion.


Seasons: Toddler games - Full by TOYA TAP: PRESCHOOL AND ...



Favorite #4 – Toddler Games Seasons – This game works on logic, sorting, counting, details, series, shapes, sizes and so much more!! It’s been a really great app for him. He counts well and knows his shapes! This app has been great!


Kids Car Games: Boys puzzle 2+ | App Price Drops



Favorite #5 – Smart Puzzles 2 – I love apps that help Grey learn logic and how to put things together. I have found that if I sit right by him he asks me to do the puzzles for him, but if I leave him alone he can do them all by himself. He loves puzzles!








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