Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels

Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels

Looking for something educational for your toddler to watch while in quarantine? These are our Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels.



Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels

Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels

During maternity leave/corona quarantine, I have had time to really find some of my Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels. It’s been a long 7 weeks of not leaving the house. Whatever people want to do during this time is up to them, but I have been sufficiently freaked out.

I just had a baby and I don’t want to risk him getting a respiratory illness. When Grey was a baby I swear we spent at least 4 straight months with bronchiolitis. Constantly going to the pediatrician and having them tell me he is borderline needing to be hospitalized. He was always one or two percentage points away from needing the hospital, which I think is even worse than going to the hospital. I mean borderline? What the heck?! I would spend all night not sleeping with my hand on his chest to make sure he was still breathing. I would have rather gone to the hospital with the professionals there to help me keep him breathing and alive. Instead, I had to stay home and wait and watch him get better. To say I have PTSD is an understatement. It goes without saying that we have stayed home and hunkered down in an effort to keep Sawyer from Covid-19.

We have been playing with Grey inside when it’s cold, outside when it’s warm and sometimes we need downtime. Disney+ has been awesome but sometimes I feel like if he’s going to have screen time we need to be learning something. Here are our current favorites that keep Grey entertained and that he’s learning something along the way.


Favorite Toddler YouTube Learning Channels


First, Blippi, Grey loves Blippi so much! He teaches colors, numbers, and letters. He also does experiments and has songs, they also go on field trips and teach kids how bread is made or produce makes it to the shelves. Grey is so interested with all his videos it makes for good quiet time.


The Busy Beaver Song - Fun Kids Music - YouTube


Second, we love Busy Beavers. They help toddlers with basic English language skills. They teach about colors, numbers, and shapes using songs and games.


Six in the Bed + More | Mother Goose Club Nursery Rhymes - YouTube


Third, Mother Goose Club. They teach kids nursery rhymes and lessons through song, dance, and skits. Grey loves to dance with these videos which is a good way to get him moving during screen time.

Lessons Worth Sharing | TED-Ed

Fourth, TED-Ed. The other ones are more for my toddler but as teacher, I ran across TED-Ed. It has a lot of interesting videos on how things work. This would be good for tweens and teens. Specifically, I loved a lot of the body videos and the science videos. There are so many different categories that it covers such as history, literature, science, arts and more. You should check them out!

Super Simple Songs - What Children Really Want



Fifth, Super Simple Songs. They have kids songs and nursery rhymes that encourage learning and movement. They have a team of educators that have created some children’s songs on YouTube to get up, move and sing along with!

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