7 Ways a Husband Can Support His Pregnant Wife

7 Ways a Husband Can Support His Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is hard, men there are 7 ways a husband can support his pregnant wife. I know this may sound selfish of me but things are happening your lady that you will never understand.


7 ways a husband can support his pregnant wife

My husband is a Master at being so helpful while I’m pregnant. There are quite a few things that he does to make my life easier. These 7 ways are my favorite things that he does to support me, and I definitely recommend any husband do them to support their pregnant wife too!

#1 – Be Patient – Your wife goes through something new every pregnancy. This pregnancy I am definitely more sensitive. Matt is a tease to the max, it’s how he shows his love. I can not even handle it. I feel like everything he says and does is a dig. He’s been really good t be patient with me. Also, now that I’m in the third trimester, it’s hard to bend and carry heavy things, so he’s great to just do things for me!

#2 – Offer Massages – My body hurts. Literally everywhere. I want to cry most days. Matt rubs my feet and back every night with lotion. He also rubs lotion on my tummy where I’m getting stretch marks.Image result for pregnant woman tie shoes

#3 – Tie her Shoes and Shave her legs – Even though he teases me because I can’t bend to shave my legs, he always offers to help me by shaving for me. I hate having hairy legs and he knows that. Also, I can tie my shoes, but they are always on the side and they come untied really easy, he’ll tie them in the morning for me before I leave.

#4 – Keep her Fed – For me, I get really bad heartburn. If I eat too much or too little I feel like I’m going to throw up at all times. Keep snacks with you at all times. If she says she’s hungry, stop now and not just when it’s convenient for you. It’s hard enough to feel like crap at the time, just help her how you can.Image result for random pregnancy cravings

#5 – Cravings are Real – Her cravings may be crazy, but just let it happen. If she wants a peanut butter sandwich with honey, bacon, and bananas, make it a reality. We have so many random things in our house that were purchased because of pregnancy cravings. LET IT HAPPEN.

#6 – Pregnancy Brain is Real – She will forget anything and everything. This is another example of the perfect time to be patient with your wife. I literally feel so dumb when I forget things.Image result for smells

#7 – Hygiene and Smells – Even if you can’t smell it, it’s there. Your wife will be the next superhero with super smelling powers. Make sure that you shower frequently. Keep your toots to yourself. Any small smell can trigger vomiting. Clean out the fridge and sink when your wife is grossed out.



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