5 Ways to Help Heartburn During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Help Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn is a real struggle with this pregnancy, I hope what they say is true. I hope this kid has a lot of hair! Here are my Top 5 ways to help heartburn during pregnancy.


5 ways to help heartburn during pregnancy


Guys, I am dying. The heartburn is a real trial right now. If I don’t eat I have heart burn. If I eat something acidy, I have heartburn. These are 5 things that have worked best for me to help me sleep and keep from throwing up. For some reason when I get bad heartburn, I throw up.


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5 ways to help heartburn during pregnancy

#1 – Eat Small Meals – I feel like I am constantly hungry and I could eat a horse. However, if I eat small meals, it keeps me from feeling like I’m going to throw up and keeps the heartburn down.

#2 – Know your Triggers – Honestly, pop of any kind gives me heartburn. Citrus fruits, which I love, brings on the heartburn in full force! 

#3 – Sip Liquids – I tend to be thirsty all of the time. I drink water like it’s going out of style. I have found that if I sip just a little at a time then I can keep the heartburn away.

#4 – Eat foods that help Neutralize the Acid – For me foods that I never eat when I’m not pregnant are the ones that help the most. Milk, ginger, yogurt and breads.Image result for Milk

#5 – Eat slowly – At work this is a hard one. Typically, we only have about 35 minutes for lunch so by the time I get my food and help my students, I have to cram my food in and I always have heartburn.


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