Steak Taco Lunch Meal Prep

Steak Taco Lunch Meal Prep

My husband is all about his Steak Taco Lunch Meal Prep! Something easy to put together, delicious to eat.


Steak Taco Lunch Meal Prep

This summer we are trying to get ideas for the next school year. We need to be better at not eating out and trying to eat more healthy-ish. I really want it to be easy, I am trying to make lunches from leftovers, but make them different so it doesn’t feel like leftovers. Yesterday, we posted about savory skirt steak. I made double what I posted about and then chopped up the extra put them into these meal containers.

Steak Taco Lunch Meal Prep



  1. Chop up the steak, lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado. Place in the container.
  2. While I was making the skirt steak I put the cilantro lime rice ingredients in the rice cooker and cooked it. Recipe tagged above.
  3. I put the sour cream and salsa in a Ziploc baggy. I wrapped the tortillas in tin foil and that made it super easy for Matt to take it with him.

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