A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning

A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning

If you feel swamped, I get it! I am frequently there. The weeks I’m not, are the weeks that I plan meals. Here are A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning!



A Working Mom's Tips for Weekly Meal Planning


A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning

I’m sure your sick of hearing about me working and feeling too busy. I love my job and my family and we are really good at spending time together. At night we get home and are too tired to cook or we don’t want to clean up after dinner.

The struggle is real. I find that I will avoid cooking in order to not have to clean, which means we are eating out. We eat out too much, we spend too much and I also know that it’s not healthy. Now I know that there’s a better way. I do it most weeks, usually at the beginning of the school year, then I get lazy. Here is what we do to save money, time and stress.

A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning

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Tip #1 – Take 30 minutes on Friday to plan your meals. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most simple thing in the world. Plan them and make a shopping list or do what I do. While finding recipes I start putting them in my cart on the Walmart app. 

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Tip#2 – I hate shopping. Seriously. We go to the store, buy a bunch of stuff we don’t need and most of it is unhealthy. I have started and I swear by Walmart pick up. We have a Neighborhood market right by our house. I make my list Friday and schedule the the pick up Saturday Morning. Then I don’t have to fight the crowds. If I’m too lazy to do it Friday I do it Saturday and set the pick up for Monday after school. Both work great!Image result for crockpot

Tip #3 – When planning your meals keep it simple. I love cooking elaborate meals but not during the week. Do at least one theme a week, so everyone knows that’s what you’re having that week. I love tacos, my siblings would laugh, but I do. Taco Tuesday is our thing. We have a different type of tacos every week, but still, have tacos. Do dump meals in the crockpot. Literally, I live for the crockpot, it saves on time, stress and mess. 

Tip #4 – Write down somewhere meals that work for you and your family. Things you love, and things that were so simple and delicious you can not help but do them again. The more you do this the longer the list will get and the easier and less time your meal planning will get each week.

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Tip #5 – You can always do freezer meals. I usually pick 3 or 4 meals to do at a time and then double each one. Throw them in the freezer. It takes a couple of hours on a Saturday but saves time during the week. If you do Walmart pick up it will save you the time of shopping in the store.

Tip #6 – We all know we have days where we just fail at life. Back up plan. Pick some frozen prepared meals that you like and have them in the freezer. Maybe hamburger helper in your cupboards. Whatever your family likes, keep back up plan stuff in your house to eat!


A Working Mom’s Tips for Weekly Meal Planning

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