Lightning Mcqueen themed crazy hair day idea

Lightning Mcqueen themed crazy hair day idea

Crazy hair day is so fun! Check out this cool Lightning Mcqueen themed crazy hair day idea!



My son is four and has seen pictures of his cousins’ crazy hair on crazy hair day by former Lou Lou Girl Jessica. (Check out her Dragon Hair tutorial here!)


When he found out that his Preschool was going to be having a crazy hair day I knew we’d have to do something awesome!! 



For crazy hair day, he wanted Lightning Mcqueen crazy hair. We had a million Lightning Mcqueen cars to choose from for crazy hair day, but this one was a lightweight one instead of a die-cast car so we chose that one. 



To attach the car we got red spray paint and spray painted a piece of cardboard. Then we cut it to size and glued the car to it. We also did the same thing with the cacti.


Once we’d spiked his hair and spray painted it, all I had to do was slide bobby pins onto the cardboard and the car and cacti weren’t going anywhere!



I’d love to hear what you’ve done for crazy hair day! There are so many cool ideas!



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