Easy Carne Asada Salad

Easy Carne Asada Salad

This EASY Carne Asada Salad is amazing and it’s pretty easy to make thanks to Costco!


EASY Carne Asada Salad


Get ready for a mouth full of delicious flavors!! I am not really a steak person, but my husband convinced me to give this a try, and guess what?



I just might be a steak person now! It was so good!!! Our two boys loved it as well, and my 3-year-old has since decided that all meat is called “carne asada” and keeps asking for it.


EASY Carne Asada Salad



Carne Asada Marinated Steak from Costco 


Red Pepper



Cilantro Ranch Dressing:

Ranch Packet



1/2 bunch of cilantro

1 tomatillo

1 jalapeno (with ribs and seeds removed if you don’t like the heat!)

3 cloves garlic

1 lime (juiced)

Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. 





  1. Grill the carne asada marinated steak and Peppers.
  2. Cut up your lettuce.
  3. Blend all dressing ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  4. Serve and enjoy!!! 


Let me know what you think!!! The carne asada flavor with the cilantro ranch dressing is amazing!












24 thoughts on “Easy Carne Asada Salad”

  1. Oh yum, that salad sounds so good. I love salads for lunch and this sounds like one I will be making for myself in the very near future.

  2. I love cilantro and just go buy the area in to grocer to just smell it sometimes! ☺ I love a cilantro ranch dressing as well, it is so delicious – I always add a dash of lime as well! This sounds like a delicious meal

  3. Cilantro to me, is an acquired taste. I like it when it’s in the recipe subtle, not overpowering. We don’t have a Costco nearby, but I’d could look to see if our local stores carry something similar

  4. Umm gimme that salad right now please! I love how tasty it looks and a great combo of flavours – plus you had me at easy. My partner HATES coriander (cilantro) and so we never have it in the house haha – but if we are at a restaurant it’s always a nice treat for me to have it in a meal!

  5. That salad would be a godsend now, it looks super tasty. I like the ingredients you picked with the jalapeno.the coriander will make the salad all the more interesting!

  6. You had me at cilantro! I love the stuff; It’s so fresh and is excellent for detoxifying the body. I wish we had a Costco around here. This looks like such a delicious salad. I’ll have to try it soon.

  7. This is a salad my husband and I would both love. Especially with the cilantro ranch dressing! I love cilantro and I also love ranch too!! Looks delicious!

  8. This salad looks delicious and super easy to make. I love having recipes like these when I don’t have time to prep a big meal. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This looks so yummy! I’m a big fan of making my salads ahead of time so I can grab them out of the fridge really quickly for lunch. This one will need to be on my list to try!

  10. Wow! This carne asada salad looks delightful. This is very timely because I am looking for a new healthy salad recipe. I will definitely try this one.

  11. Your pictures is making me hungry!haha Never tried these before! So, I can’t wait to try them over the weekend.Thanks

  12. You had me at Costco steak! Seriously though, this looks great. The cilantro ranch sounds like it would go great with the steak and greens. This looks like an easy way to whip up a flavorful meal. We will have to look into getting things for this on our next Costco run.

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