Lunch Box Inspirational Quotes

Lunch Box Inspirational Quotes

Lunch can be fun with these free inspirational prints for your kids’ lunch! This post is sponsored by Del Monte® & the ‘Think Outside the Lunchbox’ campaign, but all opinions are mine!

lunchBeing a mom is so fun! I love surprising my kids with simple little notes in their lunch box, whenever they take home lunch. It’s a tradition my mom, Kim, started when we were young.

Sometimes she would even hide the special love notes IN our sandwiches. I would bite down and discover a big heart that said, “I love you” on it. It always made me giggle and I definitely felt super special, because I knew my mom was doing her best to make me feel loved. 

Those are the same memories I want my kids to have of me. We only get so much time with them, so we have to make these moments count! 

This year, my kids have constantly BEGGED me to take a home lunch! We don’t do it all the time, but when we do we’ve tried to ‘Think Outside the Lunchbox’ and get super creative with our foods! 

One year we made these adorable caterpillar sandwiches for lunch…

Last year we made this fun Unicorn sandwich with Nature’s Harvest® Bread!  It was so fun to see the kids get excited about them! 

Making lunch more exciting is super easy with all the fun foods that Walmart carries. Our new favorite snack is The Laughing Cow® Cheese Dippers! My 5-year-old pretty much ONLY eats cheese, so it was the perfect snack for us!


Right now, at WalMart, you can get instant savings on all of these products. Just look for the specially marked Del Monte® Fruit cups (see below), while supplies last!

What are some ways you get creative with school lunch? We want to know! Tell us in the comments! 

If you need a little help ‘Thinking Outside of the Lunchbox’  just print off these fun inspirational quotes for your kids and hide them in their lunch boxes! They’ll be so excited!

You can print all of these images for FREE! Just click here to open the file and print!

And if you don’t have time to print them right now, Pin this image  for later!

Lunch Box Quotes for Kids


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