A Fun Sandwich Art Idea with Nature’s Harvest® Bread!

Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (36) We’ve been trying to clean up our diets for a while now, as a mom of 4 now, it’s important to me that my kids get all the nutrients they need to help their bodies to grow and develop the best they can. Studies show that I’m not alone! According to a recent nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Nature’s Harvest bread, nearly 75 percent of moms have tried using creative methods, such as styling food into fun shapes, to get their children to eat more nutritiously. My mom always made our home lunches fun for us by cutting them into shapes and leaving little notes for us to discover when we got to school. I remember it made me feel special and loved, so I tried continued the tradition with my own kids! Here’s how I made this cute caterpillar sandwich… Ingredients 2 slices of Natures Harvest Honey Wheat Bread 2 T. Peanut Butter 1/2 Banana 1 T Jelly 1 Strawberry 1 small orange 1 carrot 1 cucumber   Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (2) Start with Nature’s Harvest® Honey Wheat bread. There are different varieties of Nature’s Harvest breads, every one of them baked with whole grains and at least 8g per serving. My kids thought they were all soft and tasty. And I love that there are NO artificial flavors, colors or high-fructose corn syrup! That’s why Nature’s Harvest is “The easy choice for whole grains.” To top it off  Nature’s Harvest® Honey Wheat, is on rollback for $1.97 only at Walmart!  Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (3) Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (4) Now flatten out 2 pieces of bread with a rolling pin and cut off the crusts. Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (5) Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (6) Spread your favorite PB on each slice. (To make it super healthy and nutritious, you could try all-natural PB, or almond butter with no added sugar.)  Add thinly-sliced bananas on ONE side, and slowly roll the bread from the banana side down. Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (7)  Now cut the bread into 1 inch slices. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture, don’t forget I just had a baby, and I’m blaming this on the lack of sleep!:) Now you can make cute little flowers out of oranges, bananas, grapes and strawberries! Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (9)  Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (11)    I used thin slices of cucumber for the stems and the caterpillars antennae. Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (29) Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (30) The caterpillar has tiny round bananas for eyes, and little dots of jelly that I piped on with my cake icing bag. His mouth is the bottom tip of a strawberry.  Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (34) Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (15) The caterpillar is climbing on a carrot! I also piped jelly onto his back to give him stripes. DSC_0254  The kids gobbled up Mr. Caterpillar way too fast, and I almost didn’t get pictures before he was obliterated. Sophie’s gum fell out, as she exclaimed her excitement! Caterpillar-Sandwich-Art (22)    We can’t wait to see what you create! Jessica 🙂  

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