DIY Slappy Ventriloquism Dummy Halloween Costume

DIY Slappy Ventriloquism Dummy Halloween Costume





Last Christmas my son begged and begged for a dummy. He cried when he opened it up Christmas morning, and ever since then, it’s been his favorite toy.


He loves it when people tell him it’s creepy and he really enjoys dragging him around and doing talent shows with him. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in a toy! So, it wasn’t really a shock when he asked if he could be Slappy for Halloween






We decided to DIY it. I found the fabric at Walmart for only $6!!! The pattern I used was from JoAnn’s. It was just a, not so simple, blazer. I’m not a pro seamstress, so it took me a couple of days of work to get it done. 

I made the bow tie with an extra-large red ribbon from Walmart. I just folded it over itself and hot glued it together and then glued it to a stretchy band. 

He wore his black church pants and white church shirt underneath. We also colored his hair with black hair spray, darkened his eyebrows, and added some red lipstick, eyeliner, and mouth lines to make him look just like Slappy. He was super happy with it and he had a great Halloween!

We taped the candy bag to the real dummy’s hand so he could carry him all night and easily open his bag. 



DIY Slappy Costume Halloween











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