Fun Shaving Cream Twister

Shaving Cream Twister

Twister is a classic family game that most kids love! Shaving cream twister will quickly become a family favorite!



Shaving cream twister


All week I’ve been sharing fun activities you can do for any Summer party! We had an awesome Cousin camp last month where we made ice eggs, lava lamps, glow-in-the-dark slime, exploding watermelons, squirt gun painting, and a Ultimate Ninja warrior course!


Needless to say, we had an awesome time!  Shaving cream Twister with colored shaving cream was one of the easiest things we did, and it took up a lot of time, which is important when you have 12 young kids that need to be entertained all day!




It’s pretty straightforward, but here’s how we did it…

Summertime Twister with Colored Shaving Cream

  1. Mix shaving cream with food coloring in a disposable pan in red, yellow, blue and green. 
  2. Scoop colors onto coordinating Twister mat. 
  3. Play! 
  4. Squirt kids down with a hose! haha!









Shaving cream Twister makes a fun game, even more entertaining. Kids always have more fun when they’re making a mess, am I right?!?








Ice- egg-summer-fun



giant bubble wand

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