Ice Eggs a Fun Summer Activity!

Fill up balloons with food coloring, a toy and water and let them freeze overnight. Let your kids compete to see who can get their treasure out of their egg the fastest for a prize!

Ice Eggs a Fun Summer Activity!

Ice Eggs are a fun Summer activity that most kids will love! Super easy to do, and provides at least a half-hour of fun! 


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We had a cousin camp here a month ago and we had lots and lots of fun! One of the easiest activities we did was these ice eggs. I knew the little ones would LOVE it, but I was surprised at how much the older cousins (up to 13-years-old) liked the ice egg activity.


Ice-Egg-Activity (7)


You don’t need much to make your own Ice Eggs, just choose some cool toys to put inside your eggs at the Dollar Store or Walmart’s party section. I wanted mine to be rubber so they wouldn’t crack and break if the kids threw their eggs on the ground. 


Ice-Egg-Activity (1)


After you find some cool treasures to put inside. Find some larger balloons, not water balloons, to use. The water balloons are a little more fragile and it would be harder to get the toys in without breaking them. 


Ice-Egg-Activity (3)


Stretch your balloons out a little and carefully put the toys inside, it’s helpful to have someone else stretching the balloon for you. Then put one or two drops of food coloring in the balloon and fill it with water!


Ice-Egg-Activity (4)


Let them freeze overnight. When you’re ready to play, make sure you take off all of the balloon pieces especially if there are any really little kids that might be tempted to put it in their mouths.


Ice-Egg-Activity (6)


We had just made Elephant Toothpaste (recipe coming soon) so I let the kids melt them inside their leftover toothpaste. They really liked that, but some of them enjoyed throwing them in the pool. They had fun trying to get theirs out of the ‘eggs’ by drizzling water on top or throwing at the ground too. My baby even liked this activity! 

You could add another element of fun by seeing who can break their treasure out of the egg first, and award a prize to the winner!


Ice-Egg-Activity (9)


In preparation for cousin camp, I bought these plastic bins for everyone so they would have a spot to put all their treasures and to help cut down on the mess from the many science experiments we did. I’ll tell you more about all the fun things we did later this week! 


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  1. I love to find safe and fun ways for kids to enjoy summer. Thank you for sharing Ice Eggs with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

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