Lava Lamps a fun Science experiment!

Lava Lamps a fun Science experiment!

DIY lava lamps a fun science experiment for kids and adults. This experiment can be done again and again! Just add more Alka Seltzer!



lava lamps a fun science experiment


Here’s another fun experiment we did at cousin’s camp! We did a new experiment every hour or so and this one was fun because we could do it again and again. It was also fun to see the many different colors! 





Some of the kids decided to add glitter to theirs and I think that made them a little more fun!

The recipe is simple, just put on cup of fresh water in the bottom of a water bottle, and top it off with oil (we used vegetable oil). 




Drop-in a few drops of food coloring and watch it sink to the bottom. 




Now add your glitter, if you want. 

And finally, add in an Alka Seltzer tablet and watch the magic begin!



WE add a few different colors to this lamp and they didn’t mix right away, it was pretty awesome! 



You can also put a light underneath it at night for an even cooler effect! We just set them on top of our phones with the flashlight on…





Your kids will think this is so cool! I sure did! I liked using skinnier bottles…we tried all different kids, but these seemed to do the best! 


Lava Lamps
A fun lava lamp science experiment!
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  1. 1 cup water
  2. 2-3 cups oil, depending on how large your bottle is
  3. 3 drops food coloring
  4. 1 T glitter (optional)
  5. 1 Alka Seltzer tablet
  1. Add water, oil, glitter and food coloring to bottle. Drop in Alka Seltzer tablet and watch the magic happen!
  1. You can repeat this experiment over and over again. Just buy more Alka Seltzer tablets. It's also fun to set the bottle on top of a light at night! It adds an extra element to the experiment!
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