Gallery Wall Idea

Gallery Wall Idea! 

Gallery Wall Idea
If you’re new to Lou Lou Girls, you probably don’t know that I just had my 4th and final (as my husband says) baby. Because I like to document their every move, we had their pictures taken; of course! I loved each picture SO much that I had to dedicate a whole wall to my kids and their cuteness! 
Here’s my oldest son, he’s so sweet with the girls, for more pics click here.


I’ve been really struggling with this wall because it’s so big and spacious. Even after we got the pictures all hung I still had one big problem. The kids were running past the pictures and knocking them down again and again! I was losing my mind! 


So, after Christmas, I used my Christmas money from my hubby to go to TJ Max. My favorite store here in our small little town.  I found these adorable chairs, the table, frame, and flowers there. It was just what I needed to complete the room! I love it and I wanted to share!

The day after I put all my furniture together. They announced the new Pantone colors of the year; Rose Quartz and Serenity. My colors are little different, but I feel like they’re close enough to claim that I’m on trend! Haha! I’m so funny!

I know I’m not the trendiest decorator or stylist but I sure love seeing this wall with my kids cute smiling faces!

Gallery Wall Idea


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