DIY Greenery Swag

DIY Greenery Swag

DIY Greenery Swag

Need a little more greenery in your house? Yeah, I thought we did too, so I made a DIY Greenery Swag to put over our clock.


DIY Greenery Swag



We’ve been in our house for almost 3 years and I am still working on decorating it. My mom said one room at a time and slowly but surely we are getting there.

I just don’t want to add things to my walls unless I want to keep them for a long time especially because my husband hates patching holes. It must be all those years of painting.


DIY Greenery Swag


I decided to make DIY Greenery Swag, and I bought everything on Amazon and it got here in 2 days. I got the 8 twigs of lambs ear, 8 twigs of eucalyptus, and the ribbon all for under 15 dollars.


I hot glued the twigs together and then tied the ribbon around them. I may change the ribbon later but it I love it for now. 


DIY Greenery Swag


Next, we need to put the logs in our fireplace so I can show you our new fireplace that Matt built. I love love love it so much. Then I need to find something to put on one more wall and it will be on to the master or the bathroom to decorate. One room at a time.





Toy Room Open Shelving







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  1. Hello! Thank you for such a great idea of how to decorate your wall clock. It would be great if you add more photos of the process. I really liked how you were able to design this watch. You’ve got gold arms like my dad. I sure miss him. He could make or fix anything too. Built an open cockpit biplane in his garage. It’s still flying aeronautics to this day. I learned a lot from watching him. Thanks for this article.

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