DIY Mad Scientist Costume

DIY Mad Scientist Costume!

DIY Mad Scientist Costume

DIY Mad Scientist Costume


I know, I know, Halloween is over for this year. But if you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking about how cute your little one will look dressed up in the next year’s costume!!


It was so much fun watching my almost-two-year-old run around trick-or-treating. He LOVED it! We had him be a mad scientist because A. it was adorable, B. It was unique, and C. It was super easy to put together!



The glasses were his great, great, grandpas old welding glasses that we had lying around. But you can easily order some glasses or goggles online, or go to a 3D movie and use those!
The lab coat was just an oversized white dress shirt. You can find tutorials online to make it look a little more like a lab (or doctor) coat but once I put it on him I discovered it was easy enough for people to get the picture of what he was so I just let it be!
The adorable bow tie and dress shirt were things that we already had and can reuse. 
To do the “explosion marks” I just used a makeup brush and black eye shadow. For his mad scientist prop, I was going to get a chemistry flask, but I knew anything I put in it would end up straight on the floor, so I got a liquid motion tube instead. He LOVED it and wouldn’t stop saying “bubbles!!!!”
BONUS: Your toddler will look adorable even while throwing a no-more-pictures fit if he’s dressed up! I just might dress him up every day…
DIY Mad Scientist Halloween Costume







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  1. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween. I love this super cute costume! I am delighted that you shared your DIY Mad Scientist Halloween Costume with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop Party. I appreciate it and I'm so glad you are partying with us. I'm pinning and sharing this!

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