Fool Proof Apple Tarte

Fool Proof Apple Tarte

Fool Proof Apple Tarte! Like an apple pie without the pan, this French apple tart consists of a thin layer of cinnamon-scented apples atop a buttery, flaky crust.
Fool Proof Apple Tarte

My Zac is at it again! It is so fun to open up Facebook and see that I have a message waiting from my cute son. He had found this apple tarte from the NY Times and told me, we needed to try it.

It is so pretty and I always get so nervous when it’s out of my comfort zone, and you never know when you see a recipe if it’s going to work. Well, it did!


Of course, I had to put my own touches on the recipe, to make it true to the Lou Lou Girl home. My husband could not stop eating this. The apples are so juicy and tender and the crust is so flaky, and the best part, it’s so super easy!

Fool Proof Apple Tarte


6 to 8 large apples
1 fresh lemon
6 Tablespoons salted butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup slivered almonds, optional
1 sheet puff pastry- I used store-bought



Fool Proof Apple Tarte

The day before you are going to make your tart, prepare your apples; Slice off the bottom of each apple so it has a flat base. Peel and quarter the apples, make sure to remove the core and seeds from each apple.

The apple slices don’t have to be perfect! Put your apples into a large Ziploc bag and squeeze the juice of your lemon all over the slices. Seal the bag and shake it to cover the apples with lemon juice.


This step reduces the amount of liquid in the tart, and it helps it be successful! Don’t worry if the apples turn brown, they will turn brown when you cook them!




When you’re ready to cook, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. In an ovenproof skillet, melt the butter on a medium heat on the stove, and then remove it from the heat. Sprinkle the sugar evenly in the pan and then lightly sprinkle cinnamon and nuts on top of the sugar.




Place one piece of apple into the center of the skillet to serve as the starting spot. Arrange the remaining apple pieces, each one standing on its flat end, in concentric circles around the button.


Keep the pieces super close so that they can support one another, standing upright. It should look like the petal of a flower.



Flour a working surface, and roll out the thawed puff pastry to about 1/8 inch thick piece.


Place an upside-down bowl or pan on the pastry and use the tip of a sharp knife to out a circle about the same size as the top of the skillet. Drape the pastry over the apples.



Using your hands, tuck the pastry around the apple pieces, hugging them together firmly.

Place the skillet on the stovetop on medium heat until golden brown juice begins to bubble around the edges.


Keep cooking for about 10 minutes but not any longer. If the juice rises above the pastry, take a spoon to remove the extra juice.  



Place the skillet to the oven and bake for 45 to 50 minutes or until the pastry is browned and firm.

Let cool for about 10 minutes, then carefully turn it out onto a serving plate. If any apples remain stuck in the pan, gently use your fingers or a spatula to retrieve them and rearrange them on the pastry shell.

This tastes amazing with ice cream but heavy cream would be amazing too!



Fool Proof Apple Tarte
Fool Proof Apple Tarte








Apple Caramel Apple Pie






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  1. This looks delicious & so easy to do! YUM! We love apples in our house & to add an apple tart to our recipe box would be wonderful! Can't wait to try this one! 🙂 (Coming over from Small Victories Sunday Linkup)

  2. Yum! This looks right up my alley; easy and delicious 🙂 Thanks for linking it up at the Bewitchin' Projects Block Party! I will definitely by trying this one this fall (and I don't cook very often!) Hugs, Lisa

  3. What a gorgeous apple tart! Here in Europe we call this a Tarte Tatin 🙂 Love the recipe you have used and your step by step directions too. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Hop. Sharing.

  4. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you are having a great day and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  5. I'm loving how you used puff pastry for your apple tart! I hope you can stop on by and share this or any other recipe with us on Five Friday Finds! 🙂

  6. Kimberly, I love the way you made this!! Such a gorgeous presentation and it looks super yummy, too! I am Featuring you over @ What to do Weekends! Happy Friday! 🙂
    Theresa @Shoestring Elegance

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