How To Make Moving Less Crappy Part 2

How To Make Moving Less Crappy Part 2

How To Make Moving Less Crappy Part 2

Jessica wrote Part 1 to this when she moved in so I thought I’d add a few of my tips too now that we’ve moved in as well. Moving is no easy task!! If you have any other tips please share! I’m still unpacking!


How To Make Moving Less Crappy Part 2

1. Pack a Move-in Day Essentials Box: Click on the link for the full post but this should have everything from toilet paper to scissors!

2. Visit the Grocery Store: If possible, go shopping at what will soon be your local grocery store before you move in so you can familiarize yourself with it. This way getting food into your home won’t seem like another stressful thing to add to your list!

3. Prioritize the Unpacking By Bed, Kitchen, Bathroom: Everyone in your house will be a lot happier if they at least have a place to sleep, eat, and shower.

4. Make Freezer Meals: There are a million tutorials on pinterest, just do it!!! It has saved our lives. Eating out every night is expensive so save time, money, and stress and plan some meals ahead of time. I did a bunch of crockpot ones, so for the first three days I’d just throw it in in the morning and we had a mess free dinner to enjoy.

5. Get a Babysitter for More Than Just Move-in Day: Un-packing with kids running around can be a little crazy. Enlist some help so you can get organized first!


How To Make Moving Less Crappy Part 2

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